Welcome to Woodcraft Mill and Cabinets

What inspires someone to decide to redesign his or her home with new cabinetry. For some it is a desire to reinvent a particular room. For some it is a longing to create a more valuable, more aesthetic feeling in their home that can be enjoyed by family, friends and neighbors. For others, it is simply a need for better-built cabinets with more storage space and a more efficient layout.

Whatever the inspiration, our customers usually come to us with a vision. A dream. An abstract idea of how they want their new cabinetry to look. It is usually a composition clipped from magazines, designs observed in other homes, original ideas and concepts generated from examples of our past work. Even those with few ideas come seeking inspiration–and find it. At Woodcraft, we don’t try to fit our pre-conceived designs to your needs. Rather, we prefer thinking of our first meeting with clients as a consultation, where ideas can be expressed freely, dreams revealed, and possibilities explored.

So much of the final and complexion of your cabinets will be determined by the style of the doors. Whether you gather your inspiration from the latest interior design magazine or the distant memories of your grandmothers kitchen, we have or can make the perfect door for your custom cabinetry.

After we gather exacting measurements, surveying the areas where the cabinetry will be built, we shift to the design plane. All of our designers understand the efficiencies of the kitchen “work triangle” and have an artist’s eye for layout. Using all of the details of your original consultation, they begin conceptualizing the new cabinetry using high-tech three-dimensional software. By recreating the rooms in your home and designing them virtually, we can show you amazing accurate and realistic three-dimensional renderings of what the new cabinetry will look like–from any angle of the room.

All of our designs are 100 percent custom. If your room requires a cabinet that is 24 3/16 inches wide, that’s how we’ll design and build it. We waste no space, and we never try to force a cookie-cutter design onto your living space.

During this process, we alter and adjust and update as needed. Perhaps, once you see your new cabinetry rendered in three dimensions, you may want to change the way a particular door swings, or how a piece of shelving looks. Not a problem. Together, we’ll work out the perfect look and design before we ever put a saw to wood. Our rendering becomes the blueprint for your beautiful new cabinets.

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