Woodcraft Mill and Cabinets
Woodcraft Mill and Cabinets

About Woodcraft Mill and Cabinet

About Woodcraft Mill and Cabinet

Straight From the Mill

At Woodcraft, we don't assemble cabinet pieces that come in a box. We own our own mill. We make our own cabinets. We mill our own doors. We mix and apply our own finishes.

Because we create all the parts at our own mill, we have complete control over the quality of our products.

The mill is where your new cabinetry is born. By sourcing a wide variety of wood types, including gorgeous traditional hardwoods and enchanting imported exotic woods, we start with only the best of materials.

Our team of craftsmen begin the process by feeding the computer-generated design information to a CNC router that arranges and cuts the parts of your cabinets with laser-like precision. After the pieces have been cut, they are prepped, fitted, routed, hand-carved and sanded. At Woodcraft, we pride ourselves in the smooth, voluptuous nature of our cabinet finishes. And we owe much of this to our relentless attention to detail, especially when it comes to hand sanding. It all combines for a stunning set of cabinetry that will last for decades.

Hand Sorted Lumber

Because we own and open our own mill, we have established relationships with our premium lumber suppliers. Every piece we source from maple to beech and oak to walnut is hand-sorted by our craftsmen. If there is a bow, a blemish or anything unsatisfactory about any piece of lumber, we reject it. Every individual piece must meet our exacting standards. Hand-sorting is just one more way Woodcraft ensures the most premium cabinets built in the world.

All in the Details

The quality and style of Woodcraft cabinets can be measured by the level of effort we put into every seemingly small detail.

Here is a brief list of some ways we take care of the details of your cabinetry.
  • • All lumber is hand-sorted
  • • Every part is hand sanded
  • • Exacting fit and finish
  • • Hidden doors and spice racks
  • • Inventive custom doors and shelves
  • • Completely customizable finishes
  • • Glass doors with your choice of more than 200 types of glass
  • • Appliance centers with soft-close hydraulic hinges
  • • Heavy-duty hinges ad roller guides with lifetime guarantees
  • • Designs are engineered for workflow efficiency
  • • Superior quality hardware
  • • Zero wasted space; cabinets are built and cut to 1/16" of wall dimensions



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